Status Update IV

Posted on 03 June 2017. Authored by Jamie Mansfield.

So this has been a few months in the making…

To be quite frank, very little has been going on with Lexteam, we’ve all been rather busy and still remain to be, and Lexteam has kinda been shoved under the carpet.


Late last year, I started producing a number of revision notes for students doing the new Computer Science GCSE. Over time I started to realise that the work I was doing was very similar to the work Ethan was doing with PastPapers, in that they are both aimed at helping students study. From this, Lexteam Educate was born. Very little has been done to Lexteam Educate since the transition, this is because there is currently no tooling to easily write documentation. Rest assured that I am working towards this goal, and it ties in very heavily with my plans for out website.


On that note, lets talk about the website. Despite the odd commit, and Lexteam Educate, very little has been going on. However, that is not to say there are not plans… I plan to start to take apart the site and make it easier to maintain. To do this, I am going to move Lexteam Educate, the documentation, and the archives to separate projects. In the case of Educate and the documentation I will begin to use mkdocs for them, making it easier to maintain with Violet and easier to write for. For the archives, a separate solution using Choo will be used.


Despite the 1.2.1 release earlier in the year, very little work has been done on Violet. Again this is not to say there are’nt plans, however there are not as big or drastic plans as their is for lex-site. Essentially I am gearing up for a 1.3 release with changes pertaining to better mobile support, improved footer, and a number of other improvements such as proper table support that was implemented a short while ago.


Since I mentioned it earlier in the post, and it has’nt been talked about on this blog in over a year, I though I should make a mention that yes it is still a thing and no I do not have any news to share ;) Perhaps when there is some big news to share regarding it, it will merit its own post by myself or Ethan.

I said in the last status update, that perhaps these would become a regular thing. However these can only be as regular as there is news to share, and there has’nt been much news recently. So this time I would like to leave on the note that perhaps if development ramps up, there will be a status update quicker than the last.

  • Jamie