Status Update III

Posted on 20 August 2016. Authored by Jamie Mansfield.

Over two months since the last, here’s another Status Update - enjoy!

Website / Violet

Over the past couple of months we’ve all been rather busy, and although we’ve picked up some new and exciting projects (more on that in a bit) the website has been overlooked slightly. However in saying this the website has progressed nicely in terms of UI, and with some more refinements and adjustments perhaps we will ‘hit the nail on the head’. In other website news the site will soon hit it’s 1 year anniversary, hurray!


Its been a long journey with lex-game. First conceiving it early-2014 after deciding our original game plan (late-2013) was far too elaborate for a team of three. Making our first commit to the project on April 21st 2015. Starting with a fresh code base in early September 2015 (core and engine). Retiring the project in early-2016 (the last commit). And finally releasing the source under the Apache License 2.0 on the 19th August 2016 (relicense commit). We’ve had a blast working on the project!


As one project comes to a close another takes its place, right? This is perhaps the most exciting news of the status update, we are ‘working’ on a new game. Now I should state that when I say ‘working’ I mean deliberating on everything about the game, we currently look to be doing a buisness-style game for Android called Taxin. Its all rather hush-hush secretive at the moment so there isn’t all too much I can share other then if the current plan sticks, it will be open-source! Check out the Taxin repo.

Well that wraps up this Status Update, and perhaps these will become a more regular thing.

  • Jamie