Status Update II

Posted on 04 June 2016. Authored by Jamie Mansfield.


The past few months have been hectic and we have made great leaps in our site’s design. Although there are still things that need touching up on - we may be on the verge on sticking with a design.

Mobile has been a big aspiration of mine ever since we started our site, and as such mobile support is now in place. However as it currently stands I have only implemented it to officially support iPhones, however from my testing it works just fine on most smart phones.

Project lex-game

Unfortunately compared to our website lex-game hasn’t received much love at all. To such extent that the last development on it was some months ago (February).

We have been talking about picking development back up soon, but nothing concrete yet.


BlockJam 2 is well underway, with two of us as developers. For those who don’t know BlockJam is a charity event where you pay for access to a Minecraft server, with some top-of-the-line minigames. - Check it out!

  • Jamie