Redefining PastPapers

Posted on 09 April 2016. Authored by Jamie Mansfield.

What is now a couple weeks ago, we had a chat about how we’d like to proceed with PastPapers and although I’m reluctant to reveal everything in this blog post I would like to talk about why we decided to review what we were doing.

Every team be it big or small does’nt do things for the sake of it or because it follows ‘the plan’. Despite having what you think is a rock-solid plan, things may fall through, you might start to see that ‘the plan’ was’nt as good as you’d originally thought. Often this may fall into making the best piece of software, following your own set of limitations, not making a different project because of limitations of a third-party.

In PastPapers case setting limitations based on that of third-parties was something that was getting increasingly regular, not to mention the painful and sub-par method we had for storing and indexing papers. We all had ideas that were immediately dismissed because of these limitations. Well we’d had enough of that and as such have started to build our own process, that will be discussed further in depth when we have a better idea ourselves on exactly how it would work internally.

The basic idea still follows from having an application where students can revise. However we plan to both extend and improve that functionality. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Jamie