PastPapers - Where are we at?

Posted on 21 February 2016. Authored by Jamie Mansfield.

So recently PastPapers has become more of a priority at Lexteam, and as such a website and public API documentation has appeared.

Now before I continue PastPapers is a tool in which students can revise / study subjects by testing themselves from questions from previous exam papers.

Ethan has been working on the tool for quite some time, and we are hoping to get something we can show off soon, however we are yet to get a full index of papers. This is because to prevent any legal issues down the line, we are going to check that the exam boards are cool with us indexing their papers. We will be contacting these boards as soon as we have a working demo of PastPapers.

Until then, the entire project is open source, and keep checking the PastPapers website for a release.

  • Jamie